About Us

Do you remember that time when you're around your friends or families and your favourite team won the game? Was a great feeling, right? 
Moments like, having some beers and BBQ with friends and families, talking about the team, to tailgating with the community, whatever it was, the point is that sport brought us together. 
What was your traditions growing up? Was it any given Sunday with your family?  Anxiously waiting to step onto the field to play, or the time you got to bond together? Do you have a favourite player whom you looked up to? 
In November 2022, C2C Rare Threadz was born. Each sporting garment has a meaning. It's timeless, classic, and one of a kind! 
Driven by our passion for sustainable fashion and at finding high quality rare or vintage clothing, we strive to find you aesthetic pieces that also provides nostalgia moments.
Let us help you create a vintage capsule wardrobe that bring back memories.